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Additional ATMS Features While in iFT Prop Mode

The iFT ATMS PRO recognizes the level in the advancement table for PROP accounts automatically.
The iFT ATMS PRO displays the P/L of the account for that trading day in the console, to help the trader avoid being stopped out for the day. It also shows when the trader has reached the daily target.
For Prop accounts, the iFT ATMS PRO keeps track of the number of lots available for trade based on the advancement table and the number of lots used in other trades on the account (whether they were entered manually or via the iFT ATMS PRO). The iFT ATMS PRO displays the number of available lots on the console.
The iFT ATMS PRO adjusts automatically the number of lots it opens for a trade on a PROP account (using the R-value method) based on the number of lots available for trading at the time according to the advancement table.
The iFT ATMS PRO also has other features that help the trader with the iFT PROP advancement table. For example, The iFT ATMS PRO gives visual warnings when the trade risk exceeds a user definable percentage (33% by default) of the total daily loss allowed based on the trader's level in the advancement table.

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